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Gossip! Sullivan Spaniel

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Sullivan Spaniel has the perfect new plan for getting SUPER DUPER FAMOUS! He’s going to spread a bit of gossip about himself all around town and hope that people take this to mean that he’s a big-time celebrity. After all, famous people have gossip spread about them all over the place, right? Why shouldn’t he?

Sullivan Spaniel is a family-friendly sketch comedy puppet show about a dog who wants to become super famous. We upload a new episode every Wednesday, so why not subscribe and keep up with all of Sullivan’s adventures?

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11 thoughts on “Gossip! Sullivan Spaniel

  1. Love all of the cameos in this vid! Word travels around and always gets mixed up. Classic game of telephone

  2. That reminds me of the shampoo commercial from back in the day: ” …and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.” Isn’t it about time for Sullivan Spaniel to have some more cosmetic procedures? And make sure his rabies vaccination is up to date. 😂🐕💉

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