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Fifth Harmony REACTS To VMAs Drama & If Camila Shade Was Intended

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Fifth Harmony sat down for an interview with Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast where they talked about their new album and also addressed that VMAs performance that everyone’s talking about; particularly the moment when they threw a certain fifth member off the stage.

They also addressed their new album and how the title came about. Normani explained that the choice to name it Fifth Harmony was actually a last minute decision saying QUOTE – “We were trying to figure out exactly what to call it. We had the whole album all set and done and our management was texting us and saying, ‘Hey, this needs to be finalized. We need to know today.’ We could not figure out a perfect name or a title that would really resonate or something that we were happy with. So I suggested, ‘Hey girls, why don’t we just do a self-titled album?’” And the rest is history.

And while I’d love to hear your thoughts on the album as well, tell me what you guys think about Lauren’s explanation about the reactions to the Camila VMAs moment. Also don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to see what some believe was Camila’s response to the performance. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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6 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony REACTS To VMAs Drama & If Camila Shade Was Intended

  1. literally twenty seconds after the dummy fell, all four of them fell too, showing that the fifth’s fall did affect them. the only difference is that they fell and broke the glass TOGETHER. no one pushed anyone off, calm the fuck down. it was no shade to camila, but some shade to annoying interviewers. it’s literally just what happened back in december and january. spread positivity !!! but don’t be ignorant and ignore the facts

  2. Get a better PR company!

    You trying to feed this crap to the people and you think people are going to be entertained by it?

    Try again please!

  3. Soooo ya’ll click on a Fifth Harmony video just to talk about how much you don’t like Fifth Harmony. Ya’ll call them “overrated,” yet give them most of the attention by talking about how much you don’t like them. Ya’ll say they can’t “let go” of Camila, yet ya’ll cant seem to “let go” of them or this situation. Ya’ll complain about how bad their album and their videos are, yet you took time out of your lives to watch and stream them? Am I missing something, or are ya’ll more obsessed with them than their actually fans? Whether it was meant to be shady or not, why care so much if you don’t stan, support, or like them?  Like for real, wtf did these girls do to ya’ll? You act like they shaded or attacked you personally. If you don’t support them then its time to move on guys. From this situation and from Fifth Harmony.

  4. Shade intended or not I doubt any of them would be gutsy/brave/stupid enough to outright say it was if that were the case.

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