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Cole Sprouse FIGHTS With A Street Performer On The Riverdale Set

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Cole and the Riverdale crew were shooting scenes for the show in Vancouver when a nearby busker started disrupting the production by loudly playing her music. Despite the fact that the CW show had a permit to film in the area, the street musician refused to stop playing, or even budge. That’s when Bughead–aka Cole–stepped in, to explain the situation to the musician himself. Spoiler alert: Things did not exactly go down well.

The street musician refuses to budge and asks for compensation in exchange to stop playing, at which point Cole gets visibly frustrated and addresses the crowd, calling her a scam artist for trying to get money from a production that has a permit to film there.

The busker, named Babe Coal, has since responded to the event and the video in a series of tweets, accusing Vancouver police of unlawfully detaining her and calling them Rent-a-Cops who detained her in favor of the production. She also spoke out against the Riverdale cast and crew, tweeting QUOTE, “Riverdale Cast and crew who surrounded me should be ashamed at how they treated me last night, you can’t treat people like that.” She also added that she felt that the production should have compensated her for the time she lost to their filming and directly dissed Cole, writing QUOTE, “Cole Sprouse acted like a spoiled brat and tried to bully me with his popularity. He has no idea that his actions make him look bad not me.”

Adding fuel to all the drama is another video that surfaced online that shows Cole breaking the busker’s CD after the incident…

Babe Coal shared the video to her twitter account, calling the act QUOTE, “…abuse of another person and their property”. Cole hasn’t commented on the incident himself, meanwhile the busker has continued to tweet up a storm.

Alright now I wanna know what you guys think of Cole’s argument with the street performer–whose side are you on? Sound off with your opinions in the comments, and after that click here to find out why Cole almost quit acting for good back in the day. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe! I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Cole Sprouse FIGHTS With A Street Performer On The Riverdale Set

  1. I side with cole. He handled it well calmly actually. The street performer shouldve just moved. She shouldn’t have been there anywhere bc it was after 10 and it’s against the law in Canada to be out doing that stuff after 10pm

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