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10 thoughts on “Celebrity Talk | Cardi B, Offset, Kanye and Beyonce’

  1. Wait i thought aries was the baby of the zodiac hmm. Cancer is to? But yes i can see that cause my best friend is a double cancer sun and moon and hes a big baby

  2. I feel like you’re explaining math equations. Haha! But I feel like Cardi B’s energies and I’s Are VERY SIMILAR

  3. Just realized the Sarah and Abraham bible story- when Sarah kicked Hagar out the came with Ishmael, thats the Hera Architype! Lol. Random but your teachings are helping me see the world in a new light.

    1. +True Brilliance Yes-God Promised to give Sarah and Abraham a child (Issac). They got impatient and Sarah suggested Abraham get his “slave” pregnant. He did…then Sarah got hella jealous and kicked the side piece out and her son. The old testament is dramatic as hell. Lol!

  4. Hey True 💙💜 Its Chelsie. I’m an Aries sun, Cap Moon, Libra rising w| my Venus in Pisces. My mom is a Pisces sun, Aries moon. Very explosive. Ill explode if provoked & I feel it’s worth my energy. Usually based on principle.

    I went to your site to book a video chat reading but couldn’t find the link. Are you doing them right now?

    Also, there are some interesting videos on physical appearance and the nakshatras for anyone interested. & if you find that interesting, The Human Design System may interest you as well. 💙💜

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