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One thought on “Celebrity News & Gossip #Rappers #HipHop #Celebrities #Gossip #news

  1. #MikeWill is allegedly who Nicki Minaj was referring to when she said Miley Cyrus had sucked cock in the studio. 😫 Nicki also announced that she & her #boothang #KennethPetty (#harpowhodisman) have obtained their #marriagelicense & are getting MARRIED. Are we ready for this?
    Young Bucks has brought ALL the smoke, the fire & the gas in his new diss song #Foofy that’s aimed right at 50 Cent’s whole neck. Have y’all heard it? Oooh-wee!!! This song is BLAZING & my ears have been blessed with the burn! 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 This is gonna make me change my mind about Young Buck & force me to forgive him for his transgressions & let him redeem himself! My God! He is straight BLESSING the mic & bringing allllllll the smoke!!! Oooh! The pressure, the pain & the heat has raised Buck from the ashes & got him in these streets sounding like the old buck that I fell in love with a long time ago. If making him mad makes him bless the mic like this, then they need to make him REAL MAD & keep him that way because this is the type of energy & sound that Rap desperately NEEDS right now. 💨 #Redemption #BuckIsBakk #BlessinTheMic
    Listen here 👉

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