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Celebrity Haunted Mansion VR experience

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To launch the new Celebrity Haunted Mansion at UKTV Live, we created an immersive VR experience to put our viewers on the edge of their seat. Using Samsung’s latest gear 360 cameras, VR headset and some atmospheric lighting we transported participants to the haunted mansion itself. The experience was a new and unique way to put the viewer into the quivering shoes of the celebrities.

Concept, shooting, producing and editing was crafted in house by the UKTV social team. We worked tirelessly to learn and create a 360 technology strategy as a medium to tell a story and not just be a novelty. We didn’t settle for having a 360 video. We created a narrative that you become a part of.

In the experience, it’s the dead of night. You are in the room with Matt Richardson and Chris Howley (paranormal expert). Chris is guiding Matt through the history of the room when peculiar things start happening. There’s a constant feeling of something feeling wrong throughout the story until the end reveal.

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