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10 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip | Tekashi69 Moved To Facility Used For Cutting Deals!!

  1. He’ll probably end up in the witness protection program, working on a loading dock in Ohio. lol.. Good thing for him, we’ll probably never recognise him without all that rainbow crap.

  2. ….looking like Rainbow Bright on crack! This is what happens when some young fool assuming a role of a life about which he knows NOTHING, leaves the safety of his dull middle class existence in suburbia to appear hard and thug in those ruthless streets deceitfully glamorized and romanticized in other rappers’ videos. 69, my foot. More like 5′ 4″! He’s learning fast just how sexy jail truly IS NOT!!! Daniel Hernandez was never about that life!

  3. I made my pernil(pork shoulder) and it came out great!! Gotta love that crispy skin. I had found a recipe from Patty about 5 yrs ago for mac and cheese. That mac was everything!!!I’m going to look into those pies tho. Re: Tekashi- They do move high profile prisoners around so they wont be killed or hurt. They normally put u in protective custody right away. I cant say he will roll over just yet. But if he does they may offer him and his fam witness protection. If he is affiliated with a bigger fish that is. I guess we’ll see what happens.

    1. 😂🤣😂🤣 not the burnt pie. I hope you had a marvelous thanksgiving. Thank you for all of your support.

    2. Beautiful Soul Speaks Thank you! I would have loved to have you at my table so you could partake💙 I would like some pie. Now the thoughts of pie is going to be driving cray. Im going to go shopping later😊😊

  4. Hope you Enjoyed your Thanksgiving !!!! By any chance were you able to catch his interview on Breakfast Club Monday ???? He was So Adamant that Nothing could happen to him. The Next Day he gets a RICO charge. I just hope Cardi B isn’t one of the people involved bc of her BLOOD Affiliation.

    1. Someone sent it to me but I didn’t watch it. He’s been antagonizing and bragging because he got slaps on the wrist with all the other charges. He began to think he was untouchable, but I think he got slaps on the wrist because the feds wanted bigger charges. You know how the feds can work sometimes.

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