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Black Celebrity Gossip – The last time we talked about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, Rob apparently cut her off of all the money he was giving her on a regular basis which forced Blac Chyna to go back to stripping. The last time Blac Chyna’s ex Rarri True spoke out he said that him and Blac Chyna were cool and he wasn’t sure if they were getting back together. Just moments ago some new information has surfaced from TMZ that stated that Rarri True is officially banned from Blac Chyna’s upcoming appearance at Medusa Restaurant & Lounge this Saturday night. The special guest appearance from Blac Chyna is supposed to take place in Atlanta where Rarri True is from, word on the street she hired extra bodyguards for the event in case Rarri True shows up and tries to harass her. Blac Chyna claims that Rarri True has been calling her and texting her nonstop for the past week, he allegedly recently leaked some new naked pictures of Blac Chyna although he got a letter from her lawyer that stated he will be sued if he released any such photos. Worldwide Spotlight is unsure if Rarri True actually did try to contact Blac Chyna but we will try to get a hold of him to get his side of the story. A source in Blac Chyna’s camp told the media that Rarri True is not being obsessive and delusional which apparently is scaring her. Worldwide Spotlight will keep you updated with the Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Rarri True gossip as it comes out.

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