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5 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip | Cardi B And Offset Are No Longer Together! 🤔

  1. What rapper doesn’t cheat on his wife? The only difference here is that Offset isn’t being as discreet as he needs to be. And he probably doesn’t have the money it takes to make these whores stay quiet.

  2. I think it’s a fake announcement because I feel as though she wants to change the narrative in her favor. There were reports that the mistresses were planning to out him and release some receipts. With this fake announcement she takes the attention off of the mistresses exposing her husband and making her look stupid. The timing is suspect being that he is due to release an album next week.

  3. She never acknowledged him as her husband, just her baby’s father and i really believe they were never legally married.. It has all been straight marketing, Why does she feel obligated to announce this?? She to sensitive about what people think about her, this seems forced.

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