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‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Brandi Confronts Ross, And Pranks Cause Tension In ‘CBBUS’ House

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‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Brandi Confronts Ross, And Pranks Cause Tension In ‘CBBUS’ House

Looming ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Edition’ evictions led to confrontations and pranks in the ‘BBCeleb’ house Thursday.
Things got heated Thursday night in the Celebrity Big Brother house when live feeds revealed Brandi Glanville had confronted Ross Mathews about his allegiances in the game, and pranks, meant to keep players calm and in a jovial mood, went very wrong.
As was featured in Wednesday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Brandi was nominated for eviction by Head of Household (HOH) Mark McGrath. She tried to rally support to stay in the game, hoping that fellow cast member Ross, who is her friend outside the CBB US house, will not vote to evict her.
The problem is that Ross has made deals with a number of other houseguests. In addition, one of Ross’ closest allies in the BBCeleb game, Marissa Jaret Winokur, is also facing eviction. She was chosen as a replacement nominee to sit next to Brandi after Ariadna Gutierrez won the Power of Veto (POV) and took herself off the block.
According to Rob Has a Podcast’s Celebrity Big Brother Overnight Update, Brandi confronted Ross about turning on her in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition game after having a final two deal with her from the beginning. Ross told Brandi he had no choice, as she turned on him first. She responded she was just trying to protect herself, because, at the time, they were on the block together so it was either him or her, reports RHAP Live Feed Correspondent Taran Armstrong.
This didn’t seem to matter to Ross, who then said after they turned on one another last week, he thought their initial deal was over. According to Taran, Ross’ statement confused Brandi, who told him “just the other day we reconfirmed that our final two deal was on.”
Taran noted that at this point in the conversation, Ross didn’t know how to respond and simply told Brandi he is in an “impossible situation.” Ross explained Marissa had been the most loyal to him in the CBB US house and he is unable to turn his back on her.
According to Taran, Brandi seemed outraged by Ross’ statement, asking him what she did wrong. Brandi insisted she never betrayed Ross and continued to hold to their final two deal.
Ross reverted back to his prior argument, claiming Brandi tried to evict him. This seemed to make her more upset, as she had to once again reiterate that at that point in the game, they were both on the Celebrity Big Brother chopping block, Taran noted.
Ross told Brandi that it was hard to be in an alliance with her because when she drank too much wine, she said things that alienated and angered other CBB US castmates. He informed Brandi he cannot save her, but Brandi insisted he still could if he wanted to. Brandi said Omarosa and Ariadna are voting to keep her in the house, so if Ross simply votes to evict Marissa, Brandi will be safe. Ross said he doesn’t trust Omarosa and he can’t work with her, according to Taran.

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