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Camila QUIT Fifth Harmony YEARS Ago?! (Rumor Patrol)

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Did Camila Cabello quit Fifth Harmony earlier than she led fans on to believe?! It sounds like a recent report’s got the fans all riled up and we’re getting down to the bottom of it, right here on Rumor Patrol!

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5 thoughts on “Camila QUIT Fifth Harmony YEARS Ago?! (Rumor Patrol)

  1. The process most likely started in 2015 because with contracts and lawyers and such it takes awhile for everything to get done correctly

  2. If this was true then this would be an official document and Lauren’s name would not be spelled wrong. I don’t believe that Camila would sing with xoxo and a heart. This is bullshit why are they still talking about 5h and Camila. She left 10 months ago I’m getting tired of this shit. I’m a harmonizer and there has been way to much drama about this. Let them be and talk about something else, something that’s more interesting and relevant.

  3. Pls stop, this is going to cause a lot more drama and going to make this fandom more toxic than it already is. 5h is happy without her and camila is happy without them. Why does it matter anymore? Its dealt with, yeah, we didnt the closure we wanted in the end and i wish they could all be honest with us on whats really happening , but sadly i dont think we’ll get closure anytime soon.

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