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Bella Hadid Flaunts Nipple Ring & Talks Being Cut From 2015 VS Fashion Show In PAPER Mag

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And considering this is, in fact, Paper Mag’s ‘Outspoken’ issue, you know ya girl’s gonna have a lot to say.

If you found yourself drooling over Bella Hadid during Monday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, well, you definitely weren’t the only one, but more recently, the newest VS Angel ditched the lacy bras and panties for a more risqué shoot for the notorious Paper Magazine and its ‘Outspoken’ issue.

In the issue, Bella addresses the common misconception that she’s the more ‘sullen’ and reserved Hadid sister, saying QUOTE, “People say that I don’t smile, or that I don’t have a personality,” and that it takes practice for her because it is one of her weakest areas. She added, “I have to practice that a lot… I have to close my roommate’s door and put a big mirror in front of it so she can’t get out of her room so that I have a part of the apartment to walk and practice. Sure, I wish I could smile bigger but it’s everything you can work on.”

One thing that doesn’t faze Bella at all is her natural comfort in front of a camera, whether that be posing or exploring the realms of acting. She mentioned that she’d be interested in trying out her acting chops, saying, “I think it would be really fun, because it’s exciting to be in front of the camera on film instead of just pictures.”

And while we’re on the topic of pure ease, Bella casually flaunted many bold looks within the spread that featured a variety of sheer and even shirtless shots, while also flaunting a noticeable barbell piercing, making her the newest activist of the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement, next to her catwalk companion Kendall Jenner.

But although Bella didn’t discuss burning topics like her breakup with The Weeknd or her decision to join the pierced titty committee, she did address being cut from the VS Fashion Show last year, saying QUOTE, “I tried last year to be cast in the show, but I think everything happens for a reason.”

And that it certainly DOES, because Bella has undoubtedly conquered 2016 with a new set of wings and all… and I can only assume that The Weeknd is kicking himself right about now, but that’s a whole other subject. Right now, let’s give Bella our biggest congrats on her many accomplishments throughout the year, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on her Paper Mag spread, so get the conversation going right down here in the comments. After that, you can click right over here to check out our Face The Cookie Challenge on That Got Weird. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Flaunts Nipple Ring & Talks Being Cut From 2015 VS Fashion Show In PAPER Mag

  1. Don’t say Bella is better than Gigi. Smh. Bella has written some racist and
    homophobic tweets in the past. She’s trash. Gigi atleast tries to improve
    and her personality is 100x better than Bella’s.

  2. Bella’s so boring and prob gets her modeling inspiration from Instagram lol
    All her poses and stares are so cringey and basic.

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