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Ariana Grande Shares Emotional Honeymoon Tour Memories

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Ariana shared a series of videos from her Honeymoon Tour on Instagram that have us more excited than ever for the Dangerous Woman Tour.
Ari wrote on Twitter she was feeling, “excited and emotional and grateful,” after she shared a variety of behind-the-scenes clips and concert footage, including this video showing off signature pipes.
Ariana always delivers killer vocals. She also posted this video of a fan that captures the spirit of every true Arianator.
Ariana loves her Arianators. She even shared two adorable slideshows of meet and greet photos with fans, saying she wants to have a photo booth again on her upcoming tour.
She also revealed, quote, “We’re going to make DW Tour just as magical if not more!!! I’m so excited.”
She ended the Instagram streak with the caption, “I’m so grateful for these people, for you, for these memories and can’t wait to create new ones.”
For updates on Ari’s next tour, you can follow the new tour update Instagram account she created @dangerouswomantour.
So, how exited are you for Ariana’s new Dangerous Woman Tour? Are you going to one her shows? If so, let me know which concert date you’ll be at in the comments below and after that click over here to find out why Justin Bieber loves Shawn Mendes on DHR and don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for hanging out with me right here on Clevver News! I’m your girl Tiffany Taylor and have a great weekend!

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