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Another Top 10 Movies with Bogus Science

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Another Top 10 Movies with Bogus Science
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Movies featuring science that is completely ridiculous in real life, these films played fast and loose the laws of physics, energy, and just about everything else. WatchMojo presents Another Top 10 Examples of Bogus Science in movies. But what will take the top spot? A Volcano spontaneously forming and erupting in Los Angeles, the noise of space battles, or Indiana Jones Surviving a Nuclear Explosion by hiding inside a fridge? Watch to find out!

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01:04 #10. Using Humans as an Energy Source in “The Matrix” (1999)
02:09 #9. Getting from the Hubble Space Telescope to the ISS in “Gravity” (2013)
03:09 #8. Ant-Man’s Inconsistent Weight in “Ant-Man” (2015)
04:30 #7. Microwave Emitter in “Batman Begins” (2005)
05:41 #6. Neutrinos Melting the Earth’s Core in “2012” (2009)
06:37 #5. Curving a Bullet in “Wanted” (2008)
07:42 #4. Martian Sandstorm in “The Martian” (2015)
08:53 #3, #2, #1 ????

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5 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Movies with Bogus Science

  1. When I first saw it, I had the same thought with The Martian. The air on
    Mars is so thin that you could have hurricane force winds and the most you
    would feel is a stiff breeze. You would be in greater danger from the
    blowing sand tearing a hole in your suit since Martian sand is a coarser
    and sharper then sand here on earth since it’s never been eroded. I did
    however enjoy the movie despite that (Except for that guy who came up with
    the slingshot idea for the returning vehicle. He was just a nerd
    stereotype. “Hey! This guy is a nerd! Let’s have him be strange.).

  2. Interestingly, the original concept in the Matrix was that the Humans
    brains were being used as parts in a massive neural network. The studio
    management felt that idea was too complex for audiences to understand so it
    was changed to being batteries.

    1. If you allow me to don my fanboy hat…”Because, back in the 50’s, everyone
      was scared shitless about the Atomic Bomb and thought that if one went off,
      then they could just hide in it and let the radiation pass right by you…”
      which is of course all bullshit..

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