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Alicia Keys & John Legend Cracks Corden Up With HILARIOUS Carpool Karaoke

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James Corden challenges Alicia Keys and John Legend to a hilariously inappropriate improv jam sesh in a sneak peek at next week’s brand new episode of Carpool Karaoke
If this were a sing-off, these two would make for some pretty stiff competition.
On a brand new episode of Carpool Karaoke, James Corden is joined by two of the most incredibly talented singers the world has ever seen- Alicia Keys & John Legend. Speaking for all of us, James tells the stars QUOTE
“You two, you have such incredible voices, there’s literally nothing you can’t sing and it won’t sound good,”
Which is totally true, before he challenges them to make up songs based on whatever he tells them. First up is Alicia and James tells her QUOTE “Natural deodorant makes promises it just can’t keep,” and surprisingly, she can totally
Ya know, even when she’s talking about body odor, she’s still legitimately the most adorable human ever. And, of course, John couldn’t help but get in on the fun.
But the fun wasn’t over just yet, because the next challenge would prove to be very… hard.
Alicia and James didn’t know what to expect, but John’s a professional, you know, so of course, he delivered.
Who knew that singing about.. that would sound so beautiful?
Carpool Karaoke airs weekly on Apple Music, and based on this sneaky peek, it’s gonna be a great episode. And still set to make an appearance on The Late Late show spin-off are Ariana Grande, Seth MacFarlane, and Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.
So now I want to hear your reactions to John and Alicia’s hilarious ride and who you’re most excited to see this season on the show, so drop it in the comments section, and then click right here to see Ariana Grande cover Spice Girls because duh, it’s incredible, and of course don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you all back here soon on Clevver News

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  1. Why is it that no matter what the host does, she still looks like a dirty bitch? like Fifth Harmony.,… hahahahahah

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