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Abby Lee Miller Gets CANDID About Maddie Ziegler & More In Pre-Prison Interview

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Abby Lee Miller began her 366-day prison sentence earlier this month, but thanks to the Dance Mom’s tell all special that aired last night on Lifetime, we were able to hear Abby’s parting words, specifically on how she feels about Maddie Ziegler’s success. Publicity in recent months has shown that Abby and Maddie no longer speak and didn’t have the best parting of ways that Abby had hoped for, but Abby made it clear when speaking with Jedediah Bila during the special that she does not take full credit for Maddie’s success.
Abby went on to say that although she and Maddie had a falling out, she still speaks highly of her former student. She told Jedediah QUOTE – “I talk to the media, I might not pick up the phone and call her, but I tell everybody else! I tell my friends, ‘She’s adorable, she’s wonderful! It’s a great film! ’ I look at what she has done, and the other jobs and the other opportunities besides Dance Moms, they all involve dancing, they’re all about dance, they’re all judging dance, dancing, performing, something!”
Although Abby said that she wasn’t sad about the way things ended with her and Maddie, she did say that she was disappointed saying– “…that’s not the kid I raised.”
But Maddie aside, the internet couldn’t help but to notice that Abby tweeted from her account recently which has many scratching their heads because she’s definitely in jail right now. Fans were confused when Abby tweeted a photo poolside saying – “Pool days are my favorite.” Then the confusion thickened even more when Abby tweeted – “Wonder what’s on TV tonight.” One fan responded – “Aren’t you in jail dude?” While another responded to Abby’s question with a more petty answer saying – “Prison Break.” No idea how Abby is tweeting or if she has her phone, maybe she has someone running it for her. No clue but let me know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Abby Lee Miller Gets CANDID About Maddie Ziegler & More In Pre-Prison Interview

  1. I said this in another video and I’ll say it again.

    I get Maddie’s point about how bad it was to be stressed out as a kid. But that’s how show business works. The business she wanted to be in. She sounds ungrateful, Abby is the reason Maddie is famous and the reason she started working with Sia. By giving her so many solos, privates, duets, trios, having her be the lead in the group dances, worrying so much about her costume, having Gia help her out with her makeup, running her dances over and over again, giving her the most mature/hard solos, having her not just dance but perform stories in her dances, etc. Abby was “selling” Maddie BIG TIME. Making her the center of attention, giving her the most camera time. Making her look her best and complimenting her all the time. Anybody who watched the show would notice Maddie right away. Let’s say a casting director watched a random episode. In that episode let’s say Abby didn’t give Chloe a solo, but she (as always) gave Maddie a beautiful one. The director will notice Maddie right away. He would notice her in the group dance since she is the lead. Abby did everything she had to do to make Maddie be seen by the right people. Stress or not, Sia o no Sia, Abby started everything. Without Abby, Sia wouldn’t have noticed her. And Maddie wouldn’t be where she is today.

  2. The show had its negatives for maddie but it also had it’s positives. Dance moms is what allowed maddie to be where she is today. Her dancing skills are being praised and acknowledged, she’s getting money, made a book on her life with the show, a judge, shes Voice acting and has movies coming up and many other great opportunities. Out of all these girls maddie had been treated the best when it came to abby she was the special one although the show had its bad moments we all would be lying if we said maddie would take it all back if it prevented her from going on dance moms. The show wasn’t that bad it was edited at times to make I look worst than it was.

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