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8 Celebs Who BROKE The Law In 2016

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Ever wonder what it would be like to receive special treatment for being famous? Like getting out of a speeding ticket because of your celeb status? Well wonder no more, as it turns out celebs are not immune when it comes to the law, and when they mess up they pay the consequences like everyone else. So today we’re bringing you 8 celebrities who got in trouble with a law this year, right here on Listed.

1. Debby Ryan’s DUI
2. Drake Bell’s second DUI
3. Nick Carter’s Bar Fight in Florida
4. Blac Chyna’s airport bust
5. Jack Gilinsky’s airport arrest
6. Chris Brown’s arrest & Instagram meltdown
7. Shailene Woodley’s protest arrest
8. Ryan Lochte’s Rio arrest

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  1. Drake Bell performed at my school and my friend and I went around asking
    people where the line was to suck Drake Bell’s dick. I’m pretty sure people
    thought we were gay but I don’t care cuz that shit was funny

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