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7 Fascinating Celebrity Conspiracies

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7 Fascinating Celebrity Conspiracies

The majority of celebrity conspiracies are pretty boring – this guy cheated on this girl. This rapper’s beef with this dude isn’t real. Kourtney Kardashian’s father is actually a giant human foot. Who cares?

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But every so often a celebrity conspiracy theory pops up that leaves you so confused you pull the kind of face Hill-dog would if you have her a balloon animal Monica Lewinsky. So let’s leave the gossip to Perez Hilton and instead focus on the seven most fascinating celebrity conspiracies.

Conspiracies involving the Government monitoring famously subversive individuals have been proven beyond doubt, but have they ever gone a step further and wiped one out? Of the many suspected cases of state-sponsored celebrity murder the most compelling has to be that of Marilyn Monroe.

I don’t give a damn if Taylor Swift is really dating Tom Hiddleston, nor whether her long running beef with Kanye is fake. I don’t even care if it turns out she’s actually a pretty reasonable person after a breakup. I just want to know if Taylor Swift is really a secret 4chan user.
So what’s the evidence for this? Well these pictures of a woman who looks like Taylor Swift from 2009 were found to have the same background as one of her official photos. In November 2011 a user called Anon asked them to name their cat. They called it Meredith, next day, meet Taylor’s new cat Meredith.

There are two majorly shocking things about the death of Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker. First off, he died in 2013, how the hell has it been three years already? But the second shocking part of the actor’s tragic demise is the accusation that he was murdered, by a charity.
At the time of his passing Paul Walker was working to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, but speculation is abound that he discovered the charity organising distribution of the funds was laundering dirty money, and also shipping permanent birth control drugs into shipments of food and medicine intended for the relief effort.

If I turn up to your house, take a dump on your front lawn, shave your cat and make out with your mother in front of you, chances are you won’t even notice that I just stole your wallet.
That, in a nutshell is what some people believe the Government is actually doing whenever they need to cover up their goofs. By promoting the release of salacious celebrity gossip at just the right time, the Government’s various media mouthpieces are able to distract you and I from scandals of their own.

No conspiracy theory list would be complete without dirty old MJ, but while his mind was certainly dirty and old, was his body actually that of a 12 year old boy?
Let’s elaborate. It’s well known that Michael Jackson had an extremely high pitched voice, a voice which never seemed to break at any point during his life. So why might this be?

In the years since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced there have been many conspiracy theories flying around regarding exactly how they got together, but recently one particular rumour has gained more credibility than the rest – that Katie Holmes had to audition for her part in Tom Cruise’s life.

Jimmy Savile was a famous UK presenter, DJ and entertainer who died in 2011, but since his death he has been revealed as one of Britain’s most prolific and horrific sex offenders, having molested children, mental patients and even corpses over several decades.
Incredibly these allegations were made to both the police and in public during his life time, but sadly his victims claims were dismissed as fantasy. He was also exposed frequently by prominent British TV personalities and members of the press, including comedian Jerry Sadowitz and Sex pistols singer Johnny Rotten, yet still Jimmy Savile was allowed to present children’s television.

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