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5 WTF Moments From Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

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We’ve got the 5 craziest WTF moments from the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
And we’ll explain why you’re hearing SO MANY “nasty woman” jokes!
Last night the third and final Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place in Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace. As expected the history-making moments included character attacks, name-calling, and plenty of WTF moments. Here are the 5 biggest WTF moments from the the third Presidential debate.

Number one, Trump interrupted Clinton to call her a “nasty woman” while talking about her plans for the economy.
Cue the Janet Jackson memes and feminist outrage! The hashtag #ImANastyWoman immediately spread like wildfire on Twitter, and Clinton’s campaign brilliantly purchased the URL nastywomengetshitdone(dot)com.

Number two, Trump responded to an immigration question with this…
And there the hashtag #BadHombres was born! This sparked a debate online over what the word “hombre” means, with some Twitter users comparing Trump’s usage to the popular hair color trend.

Moving on to number three: we have the return of Bigly. Once again Trump uttered the word “BIGLY” which isn’t actually a word. When discussing immigration Trump said QUOTE, “We have millions of people who did it the right way. They’re on line. They’re waiting. We’re going to speed up the process bigly because it’s very inefficient.” We’re still not sure if he’s actually saying “big league” or just decided to make up his own word.

Next, the Emmys got some unfavorable promotion last night as Clinton pointed out Trump’s affinity for accusing anything of being ‘rigged’.
Clinton dissed Trump’s show “The Apprentice” AGAIN when comparing her political experience with Trump’s. Clinton zinged Trump by saying QUOTE, “On the day when I was in the Situation Room, overseeing the raid that brought Osama bin Laden to justice, he was hosting the Celebrity Apprentice.”

And finally, for number five we have Clinton dissing Trump’s Foundation over a statue. Trump first accused Clinton’s Foundation of accepting millions from groups in Saudi Arabia that she claims treat women terribly, saying Clinton should give the money back. When it was Clinton’s turn to attack Trump’s Foundation, she clapped back saying QUOTE, “I’d be happy to compare what we do with the Trump Foundation, which took money from other people and bought a six-foot portrait of Donald. I mean, who does that?!” Now it’s your turn! Tell us below what moment had YOUR jaw on the ground during last night’s third Presidential debate. Then, you gotta check out a peek of our new show That Got Weird. I’m your host Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I don’t watch these debates who wants to watch two immature adults fight
    with each-other when they are both going to screw our country

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