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11 Times Ariana Grande Was SO Relatable

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Ariana Grande is arguably one of the most talented voices of our generation and one of the most influential artists for young fans everywhere. So when we see Ariana be so relatable even with her insane amount of fame, it’s nice to know that she REALLY IS just like us!

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6 thoughts on “11 Times Ariana Grande Was SO Relatable

  1. She’s great and all, but don’t y’all think that if we’re gonna say she’s relatable, that it’s weird that we’re giving her this much attention for being human, don’t get me wrong, i love her, but the way we talk about her (or other celebs) like this just seems weird

  2. I hate ariana Grande since Mac Miller die rest in peace Mac Miller. Ariana satanic puppet and illuminati she selling her soul to goat Lucy looks like 12 years old child

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